Industrial Finishing Pre-Treatment Stations Features & Benefits

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  1. Simple four-step operation
  2. All clean, rinse and pretreatment operations contained in one station
  3. Multi-stage filter system cleans all solutions to 10-micron particle size
  4. Closed-loop pretreatment chemical system reduces chemical cost
  5. Station is completely above ground, no trenches required
  6. Portable and expandable
  7. 5000-pound rack load capacity
  8. Heated pretreatment tank
Process Unit
  1. The Process Unit base provides a structure for the process equipment and helps serve as an over-spill reservoir with a drain for further processing or disposal.
  2. The Process Unit Sump Pump transfer the process solutions from the containment unit in to the filter system.
  3. The Mutli-stage Filter System provides 50-, 10- and 5-micron disposable filters.
  4. A Low-Volume/High-Pressure Pump (2 gpm/up to 1500 psi) is used with a stainless steel spray wand to remove all soils and contaminants from the metal substrate and features a cleaning chemical-solution injector port for greater cleaning flexibility.
  5. Pneumatic Valves control the flow of solutions throughout the system during the wash, rinse and pretreatment processes.
  6. A Pretreatment-Solution Transfer Pump is used to transfer pretreatment chemicals at 60 psi to the Pretreatment Spray Wand. The transfer pump also recirculates the solution in the heated pretreatment-solution container to help maintain consistent temperature.
  7. Recycling and containment of all pretreatment chemicals reduces cost and helps support environmental initiatives
  8. Pretreatment chemical solution control is maintained by standard titration methods.
Containment Unit
  1. The Containment Unit is a steel drain rack with fibergalss grating covering the entire top surface area. A stainless steel 40-mesh screen captures large particles and dirt.
  2. The Over-Spray Curtains are attached to the rack on tow or more sides to help contain all solutions.
  3. The Drainage System, an integral part of the rack, includes a connection to the drain hoses for transfer of all process solutions to the processing unit.
Control Panel - UL listed with proper requirements

The Operator Control Panel(shown above), containing the relays, contractors and manual control switches, is built to NEMA-12 requirements and is UL listed.