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Industrial Process and Finishing Pre-Assembled Washers
Features & Benefits

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  1. Considerable savings opportunities when compared to custom-designed washers
  2. Constructed of high quality materials to help extend equipment life and to provide resistance to corrosion
  3. High quality pumps, valves and gauges with proven reliability
  4. Shipped pre-assembled and pre-wired for quick installation and use
General Specifications
  1. 36" wide x 60" high product opening
  2. 21" clearance from top of rail to top of product opening
  3. Product loading is up to 12,000 lbs/hr
  4. 7' long heated stage(s)
  5. 3' long rinse/seal stage(s)
  6. 6', 6" drain zones
  7. 6', 10" long vestibules
  8. Enamel-painted finish (mild steel washers only)
Overall Dimensions
  1. 2-stage: 8' W x 10' H x 30' 2" L
  2. 3-stage: 8' W x 10' H x 39' 8" L
  3. 5-stage: 8' W x 10' H x 62' 8" L
  1. Digital temperature controls
  2. Electronic flame safety controls with UV scanners
  1. 2-stage and 3-stage washers ship in one section
  2. 5-stage washers ship in two sections
  3. Entrance/exit exhaust fans ship loose
Tank and Drain Deck
  1. 10-gauge 304 stainless or 10-gauge mild steel tanks and drain decks
  2. Gusher or equivalent Barrelmount pumps with stainless or mild steel shaft and impellers
  3. Stainless steel pump screens in each stage
  4. Schedule-10 stainless or Schedule-40 mild steel burner tubes (104° F maximum)
  5. Maxon "TubeOTherm" or equivalent burners
  1. 14-gauge stainless or 12-gauge mild steel tunnels
  2. Schedule-80 CPVC headers and risers
  3. Clip-on adjustable spray nozzles
  4. Full grating over tanks
Options Available
  1. Drain/overflow piping components
  2. Fresh-water fill (manifold with solenoid and electronic liquid-level controls)
  3. Tunnel access doors
  4. Tank clean-out doors
  5. Extended drain decks
  6. Central control panel
  7. Alarm/horn in control panel
  8. Split-top design (34" clearance from the top of rail to top of opening maximum)
  9. Brush moisture containment package from split-top design