Industrial Process and Finishing Dry-off and Cure Ovens Overview

Dry-Off, and Cure Ovens - Utilizing Energy-Efficient, Direct-Fired Combustion Technology

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RAPID® Dry-off and Cure Ovens are typically direct-fired burner combustion technology. Dry-off Ovens decrease drying times as a result of high impingement duct systems, resulting in reduced energy costs. Cure Ovens have an efficient air distribution without excessive air turbulence. Flexibility of ovens can be provided by a variety of heat sources and mounting configurations. Heat sources available are natural gas, propane, electric, or steam. Heat loss is minimized and energy efficiency is increased by adding internally powered air seals where applicable.

Each oven is designed to meet your needs and be cost effective. Both the dry-off ovens and the cure ovens are available in the Install-It-Yourself option, which can allow you to do the installation resulting in cost savings.