Industrial Finishing Batch Ovens Overview

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Batch Oven

Available in 33 standard sizes and designed for 500°F operating temperature, our batch ovens offer the same industrial design quality as larger RAPID® ovens which are used successfully in finishing systems in Europe, Asia, and North and Central America.

RAPID® Batch Ovens can be used for preheating, drying, and curing. Preheat ovens prepare various metals, plastics, wood, medium denisty fiberboard or other substrates for your coating or adhesive process. Drying ovens help eliminate water or moisture accumulated during the pre-treatment washing process. Cure ovens help to elevate the part and coating temperature to achieve the desired coating cure characteristics.

RAPID® Install-It-Yourself Batch Ovens are a complete assembly package of a burner box and manifold, an oven enclosure, door(s), an electrical control panel, and a powered exhaust fan. Installation, Start-up and operating instructions are included. Assembled Batch Ovens are also available, to reduce installation time and get you in production faster.