HVAC Unit Heaters UHA-Series Overview

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Unit Heater

RAPID® UHA-Series is an axial fan, tubular unit heater that is available for burning either natural gas or propane. There is a broad range of options available on both the low-profile (30 - 125) and standard (150 - 400) models, including seperated or non-seperated combustion and stainless steel exchanger configurations. Separated combustion units are suitable for applications where there is contaminant in the air of the heater space. Optional stainless steel heat exchangers provide longer life of the heater with less maintenance. The UHA-Series also offers variable air throw direction with adjustable horizontal louvers (standard on all units) and optional adjustable vertical luovers (available on low-profile models only). Also, RAPID® unit heaters (forced air heaters) have reliable ignition with direct spark burners.

The low-profile models are ideal for smaller spaces, and some are approved for residential use. Installation and operation flexibility with rear or top air and flue connections, are available on the low profile models only. The standard models are ideal for commercial use in warehouses and distribution centers.