2000-Series with SPRAY-CURE™ Technology

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Spray Cure Paint Booth RAPID® 2000-Series direct-fired, make-up air systems with SPRAY-CURE technology are designed specifically for the finishing market. These units provide ventilation, heating and curing for automotive, RV, truck, boat and aircraft paint booths, as well as industrial components/parts, cabinets/woodwork and furniture finishing.

100% thermal efficient, RAPID® 2000-Series make-up air, paint booth heaters help reduce energy costs. These paint booth make-up air handlers introduce a controlled amount of fresh, tempered air to help keep dirt and debris out of the finishing area. This can result in reduced cycle times, improved productivity, operation and finishing quality.

With heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel construction, RAPID® 2000-Series make-up air handlers are a durable, long lasting unit. In addition, large access panels help provide easy maintenance of the blower, motor, drives and burners. RAPID® 2000-Series direct-fired air handlers with SPRAY-CURE are available in CFM from 4,000 to 60,000. With an array of configurations, shop space demands in new or retrofit applications, can be easily met. RAPID® 2000-Series finishing air make-up handlers with SPRAY-CURE technology can be mounted indoors or outdoors (roof or wall) and can be used with down draft, semi-down draft and cross draft spray booths.