HVAC Infrared BH-Series Overview

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Infrared Positive Pressure BH Series Heater

RAPID® BH-Series Positive Pressure Unitary Infrared Heater

The RAPID® BH is the economical, positive pressure, gas-fired, low-intensity infrared unitary heater. Designed to fit any floor plan, the RAPID® BH is available in a broad range of inputs and lengths including straight, "U" or "L" configurations.

Our deep-dish, high efficiency aluminum reflectors can be tilted at a 45 angle to allow customers to concentrate heat where needed. RAPID® BH contains a safety pressure switch, so the unit cannot fire unless motor/blower is operating. Hinged door design allows easy access to electrical components minimizing service time.

The energy efficient RAPID® BH is available in natural gas or propane and can be used in loading docks, vehicle service facilities, retail applications and more.