HVAC Air Turnover 7500 Series Features & Benefits

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  1. Durable unit casing: 16 gauge galvanized casing fastened to welded steel framework.
  2. Large air capacity regardless of static pressure: Narrow blade design allows higher static pressures without significant reduction in air capacity.
  3. Easy access for maintenance.
  4. Longer component life: Primary heat exchanger constructed for stainless steel. Stainless steel secondary tubes also available.
Reliable, Efficient System Operation Provided by:
  1. Single or multiple belt-driven propeller fans
  2. Mounting and wiring of all necessary operating starters, relays, switches, controls and fuses
  3. Screened inlet and discharge plenums
  4. ODP NEMA-rated motors in 208, 230 or 460 V
  5. Full-floating heat exchanger
  6. Variable pitch driver pulley
  7. Double wall heat exchanger section
Long Lasting Construction Provided by:
  1. Heavy steel modular-welded construction
  2. Galvanized steel parts
  3. Liftinig channels
  4. Stainless steel primary heat exchanger
Ease of Maintenance Provided by:
  1. Full access to all compartments
  2. Use of major brand components to simplify field service
Other Options:
  1. Stainless steel secondary tube
  2. Gas, oil or combination gas/oil burners
  3. Vibration isolators - spring or neoprene
  4. TEFC and high-efficiency motors
  5. FM, IRI or special code requirements
  6. High gas pressure regulator
  7. 48" field-assembled extensions
  8. Fused main disconnect switch
Conventional Controls' Options:
  1. Remote control stations
  2. Mounted return air thermostat
  3. UL label on control panel
  4. Room Thermostat
  5. Night Setback Thermostat with time clock option

When filtration is required, RAPID™ 7500-Series air turnover units offer various filter types. Aluminum mesh permanent filters, 30% efficient pleated type filters and 30% efficient polyester filters are available. Easy loading filter racks allow for quick filter replacement.


For applications requiring temperature and humidity levels lower than the performance parameters available with outdoor air alone or with evaporative cooling, RAPID™ 7500-Series air turnover units offer a broad range of cooling options.

Cooling options can be added by simply installing coil sections equipped with the appropriate cooling coils and a condensing unit or chiller. The versatility afforded by the coil section enables you to utilize DX refrigerant, chilled water or other types of cooling coils in your system.

Heating Unit Heating Unit with Filtration
Heating Unit Heating Unit with Filtration
Cooling Unit with Filtration Heating/Cooling Unit with Filtration
Cooling Unit with Filtration Heating/Cooling Unit with Filtration